Travel: Museum of Wisconsin Art 2018

The charming town of West Bend, Wisconsin hosts an equally charming art museum.  We went for another visit and discovered two new collections.

Bicycleing is a popular activity in Wisconsin.  So why not an exhibit that incorporates art?  It seemed a bit odd at first but once incorporated with fine art, it made a nice juxtaposition.

Bicycles along side Wisconsin fine art and furniture by Frank Lloyd Wright.
Bicycles of all types for varied purposes are displayed in this Wisconsin gallery.
This spiffy bicycle with gold trim is displayed with a massive glass sculpture overhead.
Richard Lorenz, “Farewell to Shoshone”.
Carl von Marr, Funeral in Friesland, 1882.
John Stuart Curry, Wisconsin Farm Scene, 1941.
Ruth Gotenrath, Unloading a Riverboat at Hudson, 1942.
Robert Frank Albert von Neumann, The Woodcutters, 1940.
This is one of our favorites. You Carried Me, (Private Collection).
Writing Home. (On loan).

We hope you enjoyed.  J&J

3 thoughts on “Travel: Museum of Wisconsin Art 2018”

  1. I enjoy everything that you send me…particularly your critiques of bad movies! Xoxoxo

  2. Have you migrated to your summer home…now that it’s finally summer? Or is it? I’d still expect some surprises from the weather.

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