Travel: Winter yeilds to Spring, Pike Lake, WI.

Big HELLO to all!

It’s been one week at the lake house.  The weather, flora and fauna changes quickly.  A week ago, no leaves on the trees.  Today everything is bursting with life, leaves and blossoms.  The absence of critters has yielded with birds, squirrels, turkeys, deer, possums and newborns daily.  Based on last year, there is so much more to come!

Here are a few photos we thought you might like.

Predawn landscape with perfectly still water.
Our first pair of Mourning Doves of the season.
Sunrise and scattered clouds after early morning rainstorms.
The first leaves on our 100+ year old tree.
Our resident robin.
Early workout…or seeking predawn snacks.
Early morning peace and quiet.
Sunrise this morning.

3 thoughts on “Travel: Winter yeilds to Spring, Pike Lake, WI.”

  1. What a fantastic spot you have there in Wisconsin. Love your pix. Am especially fond of the blue morning early dawn one and might have to put that to canvas sometime. Leave tomorrow for my African Odyssey with OAT. Will look forward to receiving your email. Love, Nanci

  2. I think you caught a merganser enjoying the day. You have a lovely spot! We’ve had roofers here for 3 days. They arrive about 6:15 and while I’m usually up by then and easing into the day, they really get me going. By 9 I’m ready for a nap. That early morning light is heavenly.

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