Travel: Introducing Ms. Gracie Albright

This last weekend we had a visit and dinner at John’s parents house along with John’s niece Brianna, her husband John and little 5 month old Gracie.

It was our first visit with little Gracie.  There is nothing quite like a little baby.

Here are a few photos:

Great Uncle John with Gracie.
Great Uncle Jim is smitten with Gracie.
Gracie loves her new new book from Great Grandmother Kay. It plays classical music. (That’s Trumpet music on the next page…)
The proud parents.

7 thoughts on “Travel: Introducing Ms. Gracie Albright”

  1. I can’t agree with you more. Having a baby around is just fantastic. We too have a new baby in our family. Winnie is just a month.

    Looking forward to seeing both of you. Will call soon.

  2. I can’t decide who is cuter..the babe or the granduncle! The baby is beautiful! John is yummy, adorable, irresistable.

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