Movies: Westwood: Punk, Artist, Activist, Lobster Cop, The Leakers

Hi Everyone!  It’s been an interesting week for movies.  There’s been a lull in new releases so this week we decided to explore a couple of new movies released from China.

It was an interesting experience.  One in Cantonese, and one in Mandarin, both with English subtitles.  The challenge was to speed read the subtitles and pay attention to the visuals at the same time.  That is easier said than done.  Worth a look if you find them in your area.


Vivienne Westwood is one of Britain’s iconic fashion designers.  This film chronicles her rise to celebrity status and her life and career as a global couture brand.

Ms. Westwood’s conversations range from the Sex Pistols, her resistance to the film’s content, her 26 year marriage to husband Andreas  Kronthaler, and a roller coaster journey from near bankruptcy to global success.

The film drifts from a focus on fashion and design to a passion for environmental activism and ultimately her mixed feelings about her own legacy.  It is interesting, somewhat confusing, revealing and insightful about the life and times of this unique personality.

The film is not rated,  It is listed as a Documentary running 80 minutes.  It is currently in limited release.


Lobster Cop

It’s an odd mix.  Four police officers open a lobster restaurant as a cover to catch nearby drug dealers.  Much to their surprise their lobster recipe, which includes 13 spices, becomes a huge success.

It’s heavy on the slap stick, quite gritty but funny.   The cops are more like the three stooges than police officers.  The production is hit and mostly miss.

There are only seven actors in the film, none known to the  international market.  The film is not rated in the U.S.  The genre is Action & Adventure, Comedy.  The run time is 94 minutes.  Mandarin with English subtitles.


The Leakers

This action/crime themed film is set in Malaysia.  A new infectious disease out break threatens death to millions of people until a vaccine is developed and released by a local pharmaceutical company.

The pharmaceutical Chairman of the Board’s son turns up dead.  A reporter and police from Hong Kong and Malaysia start a man hunt for the killer.  Along the way a group called the “Leakers” claim to know the “dark truth” behind the scenes.

The story is interesting with lots of twists and lots of action.  The production quality is world class.  The acting is good with occasional goofy moments.

It’s listed as a thriller.  The run time is 1 hour 40 minutes.  Cantonese with English subtitles.


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