Movies: Leave No Trace, Boundaries

Big HELLO to everyone!

We are sending out the following two reviews because we will be traveling to Wisconsin starting tomorrow.  Once we get settled, we’ll resume our movie reviews and travel posts as activities allow.

Our first week will be filled with family activities including our favorite…time with the two newest nieces, Gracie and Amelia.  (They grow and change so fast, one must seize the moment as often as possible!)

We wish the best to everyone for a safe fun filled 4th of July.  J&J

Leave No Trace

Wow!  This is a powerful story about a father and daughter living “off the grid” in a rugged forest park outside Portland, Oregon.

When they are discovered by Park Police their simple life is replaced by a structured program meant as a path to “normal” living.

The film never really reveals what happened in their lives although we do learn the father appeared to be struggling with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  The daughter reveres her Dad, their bond is incredible.

The cast is compact.  Thomasin McKenzie is exceptional as Caroline (daughter), Ben Foster is incredible as the Father, Will.  Dale Dickey is awesome as the Landlady.  Dana Millican is perfect as the Social Worker.

The film is rated PG for thematic material throughout.  It is listed as a Drama.  It may be okay for older children with some explanation.  The run time is 109 minutes.  We think this film could garner some Oscar nominations for acting, directing, screenplay.  This is a good one, don’t miss it if it appeals to you.



This is a unique take on a “father, daughter, grandson” road trip story with more than a few twists.

First, all the characters are flawed, but the acting is above average.  Next there are lots of stray animals just for dysfunction sake, but the critters are easily forgiven while the humans really need some serious help.

All that said, we enjoyed this film.  It’s unique, mostly believable, well acted and doesn’t take itself too seriously.  There are some surprisingly funny scenes and a mostly nice road trip.

Vera Farmiga is hilarious as the Mom.  Lewis MacDougall is perfect as the son.  Christopher Plummer is amazing as the Father/Grandfather.  Bobby Cannavale is excellent as the ex-husband and Kristen Schaal is adorable as the sister.

It’s rated R for drug material, language, and some sexual references along with a few nude sketches.  It’s called a Comedy/Drama and runs 104 minutes.


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