Travel: Day 2 Road trip. Escanaba to Marquette.

Today was a long and wonderful day!  The drive was less stressful and filled with wonderful discoveries.The shoreline of Lake Superior was very accessible and we arrived early enough in Marquette to spend time discovering some of what the town has to offer.

Here are some photos hot off the press.

Our first stop was the charming town of Manistique.

The open air museum includes the original water tower dating to the mid 1800s.
An original homestead was reconstructed on the museum property.
The best coffee in Manistique! The Cedae Street Cafe.
One of our favorite discoveries.

Our next stop was Horseshoe Falls just outside of the charming town of Munising, Michigan.

Spring fed year round.
Happy chubby Koi waiting for handouts in the pond.
A real meteor from before the ice age. Very cool!

Our next stop was the nearby town of Munising.  It’s perfect for a mid day break, shopping, lunch or an afternoon cruise on the lake.  No surprise we chose lunch!

Don’t let the simple exterior fool you. This is family owned and operated eatery delivers incredible food.
Check out this menu. Everything we tasted was delicious and authentic.
Tacos came with beans and rice, a variety of condiments and beverages. High quality at affordable prices!

The highlight of the day was our drive along the Lake Superior Coast.  So many jaw dropping stops.  Here is a sampling.

On the cruise dock.


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