Travel: Day 2 Road trip, part 2

Good morning everyone.  We had some “technical difficulties” with the hotel’s internet service yesterday. This short post will take us to Marquette and dinner.  Hope you enjoy.  J&J

It’s not quite an island, really a peninsula. In any event, it is a jewel for the city.

It’s home to a super pier but it’s also the cities backyard.  Hiking, biking, swimming, sports and activities of all kinds.  As busy as it was we found it also to be an oasis of peace and beauty.

A massive pier for supper tankers.
And a super tanker of course.
And a requisite light house to guide the way.
Our welcoming committee.
The entire park is lush and relaxing.

Marquette is a beautiful city with a collection of historic buildings, many beautifully restored and maintained. Here are a few.

The Catholic Cathedral built of beautiful red stone.
The beautiful newer Marquette County courthouse.
The city’s compact skyline boasts many brick and stone buildings from the past and present.

Time for dinner!  We chose the historic Vierling Marquette Harbor Brewery on Front Street for a seafood dinner and a couple of brews!  We highly recommend it if you are in the area.

Downtown and overlooking the lake.

Cheers and bon appetite.

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