Travel: Day 3, Marquette to Ironwood, Michigan

Good evening to all!

Today’s travel was 180 miles, mostly on backroads.  (Recent storms caused some bridge repairs that were still ongoing.). It made for a long day but we had a pleasant afternoon exploring Ironwood, Michigan

and Hurley, Wisconsin.

Both towns are less than vibrant showing their age and a shrinking economy.

That said, we discovered an excellent coffee house, Contrast Coffee Co.,

several promising restaurants and a few art and home furnishing galleries.  (BIG THANKS to our friend Jeff! in Minneapolis) and the staff at the hotel.

We are currently enjoying a little down time before dinner.  Tonight we decided Italian, again thanks to Jeff!

We are just back from dinner.  More thanks to Jeff for the referral.  Liberty Bell Cafe, Hurley, Wisconsin.  Excellent pizza, pasta and traditional Italian entrees.

Old fashion Italian Restaurant. Excellent food and service. It’s one of those places where you want the staff as personal friends outside of work. Refreshingly rare.

Here are some pixs from our drive today!

One of a dozen lakes on this mornings drive.
Momma duck and her growing ducklings.

Agate Falls was an unexpected surprise this morning.

Hwy 28 over Agate Falls.
The trail to the Falls.
Lots of water but difficult viewing.
A surreal view from under the still active train trestle bridge.

One thought on “Travel: Day 3, Marquette to Ironwood, Michigan”

  1. How did you develop this trip itinerary? You’re hitting places I’ve never heard of. I’m just a provincial easterner!

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