Travel: Day 4, Ironwood, MI to Duluth, MN

Big HELLO to everyone.  It’s 8 PM and our day is finally coming to an end.  It’s been a fun, interesting day.  We discovered several new and intriguing things along our long drives today.

Our first stop in Ashland, WI revealed an unexpected surprise.  The town is known for its collection of public murals.  They are amazing!  Here we go…

Note: The road and tree are real, the rest is a mural on the side of a building!
Homage to the famed shipping docks of Ashland. Again the mural is painted on the side of a building.
Three local ladies are honored from a local eatery. Note the lamp post, flowers and window are real, the rest is mural.
Mural from another era. There are dozens more if you find yourself in this town.

The next stop was the town of Washburn, WI where we discovered a wildly popular coffee/breakfast place called Cafe Coco’s.  The line was out the door.  The customers ranged from babies to Seniors.  The place was packed.  We had large decaf coffees and two bacon cheese scones, still warm from the oven.  Yum.

Next stop was Bayfield, WI.

A charming artsy village with good shopping, eateries and lodging. It’s the gateway for day trips to the Apostle Islands in Lake Superior.
Harbor for visitors to Lake Superior’s Apostle Islands.
It’s a busy harbor for day trippers.


The rest of the day was making our way to Duluth with stops along the way.

Beautiful landscapes everywhere.
Even hay can be beautiful.
There are several marina’s on the peninsula. We thought this one was particularly attractive.

Amnicon Falls are popular with the locals.  There are a series of “staircases” of the Falls that flow year round.  The brown water comes from a local tree that turns the water varying shades of tan to brown.

5 thoughts on “Travel: Day 4, Ironwood, MI to Duluth, MN”

  1. Great trip report on your northern road trip. Have enjoyed every mile, but particularly liked these fine murals. Keep up the good work!

  2. Was the photo of Cafe Coco a mural, too, as well as the man sitting at the table in front of it? The murals are really life-like. I’m glad you pointed out the actual landmarks.

  3. Can’t wait until you get to Duluth, my old stomping grounds (kinda). I grew up in Grand Forks, ND on the border of Minnesota and have lots of relatives scattered in Minnesota. Ah, but Duluth: home of Chun King canned chinese food. (Do they still make that stuff?) I used to eat it when I was little and felt sorry for the Chinese people if that is what their food was like. But there is also a big aquarium…

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