Travel: Day 5, Lake Superior North Coast

It was another great day.  Weather has been just right!  60s and 70s with a light breeze.  First a few images of Duluth.

Partial skyline from the water.
Beautiful old stone structures still looking grand.
Another water front building.
The Grand old High School sits high on a hill overlooking the lake.
A stately Church adjacent to the High School.
Gardens everywhere!
Duluth’s waterfront pathway.

Here are some addition pictures we think you might enjoy from our day trip.

Morning reflections, Two Harbors.
Warming up the morning.
One of two young bucks in the Town of Two Harbors.

A bit farther down the road is the famed light house on Split Rock.

A proud symbol on the North shore for over 100 years.
A nearby cove.

What a better way to conclude our sightseeing than with another set of waterfalls!

The Upper Gooseberry Falls
The lower Gooseberry Falls.

2 thoughts on “Travel: Day 5, Lake Superior North Coast”

  1. What an attractive city Duluth! Interesting old buildings, in good condition. I wonder what the date of building the high school with (and with bell tower?). Lovely boardwalk on the Lake. Thanks for sharing your excellent photos.

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