Travel: Day 6, Duluth to Chippewa Falls and Eau Claire

It was another nice day for travel.  The roads were generally uncrowded which is always welcomed.

We stopped in Chippewa Falls because of an article about their park and small zoo.  It’s a charming little town.

We will spend the night in Eau Claire tonight and make our way back to the lake tomorrow.

Here are pictures from today.  We hope you find them to your liking.

Best wishes to you all!


This town houses a charming little zoo that is just delightful.
The resident Lemur thinks he’s the boss.
The pair of Hyena are playful in the mornings.
The tiger making his morning rounds.
The beautiful white tiger enjoys playing with toys in the mornings.
Mr. Cockatoo is quite chatty in the mornings.
There is a small herd of Buffalo on the property including this youngster.
No info on the paddock of thes cattle. Note the massive horns. They sure are intimidating.
This lake borders the parklands.

2 thoughts on “Travel: Day 6, Duluth to Chippewa Falls and Eau Claire”

  1. This continues to be an interesting trip. Today I recognized the names of the places you visited! It’s f7n seeing everything vicariously.

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