Movies: Mile 22, The Captain, Crazy Rich Asians

Mile 22

All action, very little plot, copious amounts of blood, the film is like driving a car with no brakes.  Mark Wahlberg stars as a CIA operative trying to deliver an asset to an extraction point.  That’s it!

Don’t expect explanation on the threat, or what’s behind it or any clues about the danger, or the purpose, or any reason for the film.  It’s all about the constant uninterrupted action.

There are really only six actors of note in the whole movie.  In addition to Wahlberg, there is John Malkovich, Lauren Cohan, Iko Uwais, Ronda Rousey and Terry Kinney.

It is rated R for strong violence and language throughout.  Children should not view this film.  It’s listed as an Action & Adventure running 90 minutes.  We suggest not wasting your time or money.


The Captain

Wow!  This is an amazing movie, on and off the screen.  It is set in World War II toward the end of the war when Germany was in chaos, Hilter’s Reich was in shambles and it was obvious to all the war was about to end.

What is especially important is the movie is based on true events called the Executioner of Emsland.  A German Private becomes separated from his comrades and discovers an abandoned car with a suitcase filled with the uniforms of an SS Officer.  Soon the Private assumes the position, clothes, car and identity of the SS Officer and assumes authority directly from Hitler himself.

The cast is excellent.  25 year old Swiss actor Max Hubacher plays the SS Officer. Frederick Lau, Alex Fehling, Blerim Destani and Britta Hammelstein round out the leading characters.

The film is not rated and is not appropriate for children due to the extreme violence and disturbing images.  The genre is noted as Art House & International, Drama.  It is currently in limited release and is soon to be released for streaming in November.  Run time is 118 minutes.  German with English subtitles.  Do seek this out if you have any interest in the subject matter and let us know what you think.


Crazy Rich Asians

When was the last time you went to the theater and found it near capacity on a Sunday afternoon?!  That is exactly what we experienced this afternoon to see this film.

We knew the film was about an American Asian woman who falls in love with the son of an extremely wealthy power broker in Singapore who are attending a friends wedding.   Family pressures interfere with planned events and “family values” becomes hurtful on many levels.

It’s the cast and production that make this story work.  There is a huge cast of characters.  Awkwafina is hilarious as the family muse.  Constance Wu is exceptional as the fiance.  Henry Golding is equally good as the wealthy groom.  Michelle Yeoh is perfect as the iron strong Mom.  Several other notable actors include Gemma Chan, Ken Jeong, Nico Santos and 20 other Asian actors.

It’s often very funny, terribly sad, non-stop surprises, down right goofy and occasionally serious.  It is rated PG-13 for some suggestive content and language.  It is listed as a comedy but there are plenty of serious topics mixed in.  We came away satisfied and feel it is well worth a look as a cultural lesson and more.


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  1. Was there any chinese language in Crazy Rich Asian? I’m teaching English to chinese students and wondered how much they would understand in this movie. I’m glad you liked it.

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