Travel: Fiesole, Goodbye Florence, Hello Padua

Hi all!

It has been an interesting 36 hours.  We spent our last day in Florence with a day trip to Fiesole, a hilltop suburb overlooking Florence reachable by the #7 bus and a 20 minute ride.

The Fiesole town square.
The worlds worst selfie, taken in traffic mirror!
It’s worth the trip just for this view of the City of Florence!
Sunset over the foothills.
Twilight on the Arno River.

We left Florence late morning on our second fast train of the trip.  They are amazing!  140/150 mph, quiet and smooth.

We arrived in Padua by early afternoon.  We are here only one night leaving mid morning tomorrow for Venice to begin our 10 day cruise along the Adriatic, Sicily, Malta and up Italy’s West coast back to Rome.

It has been years since our last visit to Padua, famous for it Basilica of Saint Anthony.

The massive complex of the Basillica built in 1260.

2 thoughts on “Travel: Fiesole, Goodbye Florence, Hello Padua”

  1. You’re right. It was the world’s worst selfie!

    Have fun on your cruise. Mine starts tomorrow. I wish I were with you !!

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