Travel: Day Trip to Monteriggioni, Fattoria Lornano Winery, Siena, San Gimignano

Good day to all!

Yesterday was a rare travel event for us because we signed up for a day trip…along with 54 other day trippers!!  Yes, all in the same bus!

The good news is overall it was a good group, with a good guide and driver.  The bad news is we were near exhaustion after 10-1/2 hours.

Hence…no Post yesterday!

Here is our recap on the days events!

First stop Monteriggioni, a traditional hill top town in the Chianti Region.

As seen from the highway.
Many of the current towers were rebuilt using the original method.

Today the town has shops, restaurants and tourist facilities.

Our second stop was Siena.  Our first visit to this city was over 30 years ago!  It hasn’t changed much except the tourist hoards and congestion nowadays are inescapable.  Most visitors arrive by bus and must walk over a mile before entering the historic center.  This stop included a three course lunch!

The main square is famous for the Palio horse race each year.
The main square is also home to City Hall boasting a magnificent tower.
The Cathedral boasts one of the most beautiful structures in Europe. It’s a must see!

Our third stop was Lornano Winery in the town by the same name.  Our visit included three tastings, a rose and two excellent Chiantis.  They were delicious.

Arrival in the Chianti wine growing region.
The lush grounds of the estate.
A charming entry to the welcoming estate.

Our last stop was San Gimignano famed for its remaining 14 soaring towers dating from the 1300s.  Today it draws tourists for its past and present unique      features.

2 thoughts on “Travel: Day Trip to Monteriggioni, Fattoria Lornano Winery, Siena, San Gimignano”

  1. I dream about spending a night in San Gimignano. So many hill towns not visited…. Likewise the wineries! Love that area. You’re right the cathedral in Siena is one of the most magnificent. St. Marks in Venice isn’t bad either. I’ll be there Saturday!

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