Travel: Genoa, Italy

Hi everyone!  Today we said goodbye to Pisa.  We took a two hour fast train to Genoa for our first visit and arrived early afternoon.  We had plenty of time for a late lunch and a quick tour of the city.

Genoa is a fast paced economic powerhouse with international banking, a healthy shipping industry and a well educated population.  It’s also beautiful with many world class attractions nearby.

Here are a some pictures from our afternoon.

Our hotel. We are the top right room. Quite nice.
This massive fountain in the centerpiece of the city only a few blocks away.
This was the menu for our lunch. It’s a half a block away from the hotel and a local institution. It’s chuck full of locals, the quality is legendary and the prices are incredibly low.
Victory Arch in the city center.
A great edifice near the fountain.
The city sprawls from above.
The Harbor area continues to grow and prosper.
Many former palaces are repurposed as corporate offices.
Clever displays in the old town markets.

One thought on “Travel: Genoa, Italy”

  1. I’ve never been there. I know it is an interesting city, but your pictures make it seem beautiful.

    I have boarded the second ship, but we will have to disembark the day after tomorrow because the river is so low, take a bus to another spot on the Danube and board the sister ship…same room, same everything. This group seems much younger and livelier.

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