Travel: Genoa Day 2

What an interesting change in exploring a new city.  Genoa is a big city with a population exceeding 750,000 people.

Understandably, a travelers engagement changes a bit.  Some people go about their routine without regard for others.

After being on the road for three weeks, it was worthwhile to pause and assess the dynamics of our recent travels.

On the flip side we have encountered many locals with a sincere sense of service and hospitality.  At times like this we choose to focus on the positive and discount the negative.

We decided to explore the inner city a bit deeper and discovered a few exceptional places to eat, snack and visit.

Here are some of our wonderful discoveries and experiences.

The square in front of our hotel is a busy intersection of neighborhoods in the area.
The areas above and beyond reflect a more affluent and diverse population.
Many parks are lush and manicured.
The Cathedral of San Lorenzo is not to be missed and dated to the early 13th century.
One of the many side chapels in the Cathedral.
The main alter is not to be missed.

After a busy morning of exploring we decided to reward ourselves with a nice lunch.  After wandering through the narrow backroads of the old city we discovered a wonderful local wine bar with an excellent menu featuring local wines, exceptional salads and regional pastas.

The owner recommended a Portofino white wine.
The meat and cheese plate included four iItalian meats, four cheeses and crostini and a sweet honeypot. It was exceptionally delicious.
A charming and welcoming cafe focused on local wine and cuisine.
The Cathedral towers from a distance and a short walk from the hotel.

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