Travel: Turin, Italy

We hope this finds you all healthy and happy. We have been in Turin, Italy the last two days with our longtime friends, Marilyn and Jim, from Switzerland.

Turin is a big brawny city nestled near the Italian Alps.  It’s the home of Fiat and the first capital of Italy.

With our limited time we chose to visit the Palazzo Madama, the center of Turin, with five important museums.  We decided on the City Museum housed in a fortress/palace and the National Museum of Cinema housed in a massive building originally built in 1896 for no special purpose other than to rival the Eiffel Tower.

Here are some of our favorite photos.  Enjoy!


One section of the Piazza Castello.
Palazzo Madama.
View from the museum tower.
This image is repeated throughout the palace fences.
Garden view from The Palace
The Grand Stairway leading to the galleries.

The next visit was the National Museum of Cinema.

The museum exterior.
The beginning of movie making.
The massive interior with films from around the world is the centerpiece of the museum.
Jim turns mad scientist in the lab!


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