Travel: Milan, Italy

Hi all,

We were up early this morning and caught a fast train from Turin to Milano Centrale, a massive structure serving the city that is the country’s largest economic and cultural engine.

We were equally delighted to have tickets on the fastest train in Italy.  It took less than an hour traveling at 180 miles an hour.

Our tour started as soon as we got to our hotel, located in center of the fashion and cultural center of Milan.

It is late now but we wanted to share a few photos from this afternoon.


The very top of the Duomo spires.
The front of the massive Duomo.
The entrance to The Galleria.
The interior of the Santo Maria presso San Satiro dating back to the 1400s.


One thought on “Travel: Milan, Italy”

  1. Excellent pictures, Jim. Thanks for your diligence in going out EARLY for great photos without the crowds. Milano is my favorite city in Italy, and it’s fun to revisit the memory. Makes me wish to return. Enjoy the good foods.

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