Travel: Milan Day 2

Happy day to all!

Today was a crazy wonderful day packed with a variety of activities.  First we toured the inside of the Duomo but with a bit of excitement.  This morning hosted a huge Marathon with thousands of runners.  The starting line completely surrounded the Cathedral.  Fortunately we had advanced tickets and breezed through security without any inconvenience.

Next was a walking tour through parts of the city center followed by lunch and the afternoon on our own.

Before dinner we met our group for a conversation about immigration, Italy’s policy and the EUs position on the topic.

Here is our day in photos.

The crowded plaza as runners prepare for the Marathon.
The massive Galleria is closed for the Marathon.
Morning mass at the Duomo is nearly empty. We have complete access without the crowds.

The spectacular bronze doors of the Duomo.
Like Rome, unexcavated ruins are everywhere.

After a light lunch and a brief rest we decided to make one more walk through the fashion and design area nearby.

Guess who’s in the window?

These shoes are 100% chocolate! They don’t wear well but they sure taste good!
Champagne anyone?


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  1. Wonderful pictures as always. I look forward to hearing of conversation re immigration, politics, etc.

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