Travel: Milan to Tirano via Lake Como

Good day to you!

Yesterday was a long relocation day via coach from Milan to Tirano with a detour via Lake Como.  It has been almost 30 years since our last visit to the area and much has changed and little has changed.

Welcomed was the wonderful views of the lake, the lakeside town of Bellano and the magnificent mountains in all directions.

We were only slightly disappointed with the overcast skies that made photos a challenge.

Nonetheless we share these images.  We hope you enjoy.

A cafe near the harbor in Bellano.
The Village Square near the harbor.
The water source from an old cotton mill nearby.
Overlooking Lake Como.

Bellano on Lake Como.
Cemetery overlooking Bellano.

We enjoyed a great lunch al fresco in Bellano in our free time.

A table overlooking the lake.
The view from our table.
Cheers and best wishes to all!

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  1. Lovely pictures, as always! Thanks again for sharing your travels; I look forward every day to your blogs.

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