Travel: The Dolomites, Italy

We have spent the last couple of days in the Dolomites.  A mountain range in Northern Italy that separates Austria and Italy.

While Italian is still the primary language along with German, Ladin, a very regional language, is still protected and spoken by about 45,000 inhabitants.

The area is enormously popular for its winter sports. It is also popular year round with hikers and bikers.

Food has been much more German than Italian, heavier and heartier than what we are used to.  This is also serious wine country with excellent big reds and whites available at shockingly low prices.

Here are some photos we liked.

Peaks typical of the Dolomite range.
Four ranges of the Dolomites host hundreds of ski slopes, hiking trails, and countless recreational sites.
Peaks vary in size and shape.
On a hike!
“Gnome, gnome on the range…”
Our hiking trail after lunch.

4 thoughts on “Travel: The Dolomites, Italy”

  1. I love those mountains!! Have you done any serious hiking on this trip?

    I’m going to Flanders Field today. Tomorrow is our last day..home on Friday. (At least 15 pounds heavier!). A haircut and Weight .watchers on Saturday !!

  2. Lovely pictures! You are seeing the best of the season — the bright larch trees are lovely now. You posed in front of the famous Tre Chimenes (three chimneys). We stayed in Cortina and traveled the Austrian side. I loved the interesting food combining Austrian and Italian foods. Snow is coming soon!

  3. Last trip we stayed in Gran Mugon in Vigo di Fassa area. Family-run, small village of about 40 people with no shops or ATM’s but a one star Michelin chef! And balcony views of the highest Dolomite peaks! I’d definitely go back there! It was off the main road and a great jumping off place (not literally) for hiking (or even catching the bus to other places).

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