Travel: Bolzano, Italy

We traveled to Bolzano by train this morning.  We visited the South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology to see Otzi the Iceman exhibit and his 5,300 year old remains.

It was interesting but underwhelming.  We apologize but no photos were allowed.

On the other hand, the town was an excellent example of post World War I monuments, Fascist architecture and an interesting mix between Germanic and Italian worlds.

We had lunch and an afternoon visit at a traditional  agratourism site nestled in the nearby countryside with Tyrollean cusine, plenty of wine and Grappa.

The town center and today’s farmers market.
The town center and the Duomo.
Stained glass in a Franciscan Church.
Mussolini built this monument in 1927 when he claimed the South Tyrol area as part of Italy.
Lunchtime in an agroturism Farm.
Quite the view.
A unique light.
The Dolomites above.
A hillside village below.

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