Travel: Treviso and Venice, Italy

Hi all!  Yesterday we made a quick visit to Treviso, Italy.  It was our last stop on our organized travel.  This morning our fellow travelers either began their homeward travels or extended their travels to destinations of their own.

We had planned three extra days in Venice before our homeward flights this coming Tuesday.  So late this morning our guide, a driver and John and me drove to the Venice Airport and onward to the water bus station and the 90 minute ride to San Marco, Venice.

The weather has cooled with overcast skies but thankfully no rain.  After a short walk to our hotel, we had a nice lunch in one of the nearby compo squares. We were immediately reminded that Venice is one of the most expensive cities in Europe right now.

Here are some photos from yesterday and today.

An apple farm on our way to Treviso.
The last apples of the season were crisp, juicy and delicious.
Just enough manual labor to earn lunch.
And hundreds of Kiwis too.
Treviso greeted us with plenty of canals and a charming old town.

We said goodbye to Treviso and our travel mates and began our journeys home or somewhere onward.

The Grand Canal greeted us after the 90 minute waterbus ride from the airport.
A quiet moment along a remote canal.
The crowded Academia Bridge this afternoon.




3 thoughts on “Travel: Treviso and Venice, Italy”

  1. Love, love, love your second to last photo—That one needs to be framed!
    Enjoy your time in Venice!
    Wish we were there with you!
    Denise & Bob

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