Travel: Windsor Castle, United Kingdom

Windsor Castle is considered the primary residence by Queen Elizabeth II.  She spends most weekends there.

The last time we visited the Castle was shortly after the reopening from the first reconstruction of the 1992 fire.

We are glad to report the Castle is more magnificent now than ever.  Now the bad news.  It is more popular now than ever before.  Hoards of visitors arrive daily.

We arrived by a fast train from Paddington Station first thing in the morning only to discover lengthy lines with airport like security.

Fortunately, is was a nice sunny.  Unfortunately, the Castle does not allow ANY interior photos, with or without flash.   Additionally, we did not find any publications, post cards or any articles with interior images available in any of the gift shops (on or off the Castle grounds).

All that said, it was an enjoyable visit.  The St. George’s Chapel (larger than many cathedrals) houses hundreds of years of history and numerous Royal tombs, including the Queen Mother and her husband King Edward VI, Princess Anne, King Henry VIII, Jane Seymour, King Charles I and many more.

Hundreds of water spouts along the walls.
Looking up the Palace walls from the town below.
Approaching the main gates of the palace.
St. George’s Chapel and the supporting buildings beyond.

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