Arts: The British Museum

The weather has continued to be favorable, lows have been in the high 30s with highs in the low 50s with virtually no rain.

Lots of walking with good use of the Bus and Underground systems.

The day before yesterday we visited the ever popular British Museum.  More security lines that moved surprisingly fast.

First stop:  It’s been many years since our last visit to the King’s Gallery.   What a gem.

The Museum’s facade looks as grand as ever.
The reliquary of the Thorne of Jesus, gold, rubies, pearls, emeralds is small but exquisite.
Room after room filled with priceless contents, sculptures from around the world and eras. Books and antiques spanning centuries. Simply magnificent!

Discobolos, the discus-thrower.
Winged Cupid
Exhibit from the Americas.
Incredible and rare image of the ancient gods of The America’s.
This 20 foot + column was the cornerstone to an ancient Temple in Canada.


“Here’s looking at you kid.”
Girls Rule!
Wall paintings were commonly used to record important events.


The Parthenon
One of dozens of Parthenon panels.
A life size image of a horse is stunning.

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