Travel: Camden Town, London

Today is our last day in London.  It’s always a bit sad especially when we’ve had such a nice time.  London is ever changing and yet the same.

Yesterday we visited the neighborhood of Camden, its excellent Jewish Museum, its famed market along with a peek at its old but functional canal system.


Entrance to Kazimerz, the Jewish District of Krakow, 1935-1938.
Mizrach tablet indicating the direction of Jerusalem, 1841 under license by Queen Victoria.
Marc Chagall, New York, 1941
Jewish children from Kazimierz, Krakow, 1935.
Ornate Synagogue Ark, Venice, 17th-18th century.
Table set for a sacred dinner.
Labor Union banner for Bakers.
A lengthy and complex canal system once primarily used to move goods, still functions today for both commercial and private use.
Our latest dinning discovery was Gino D’Campo, 29/33 Chalk Farm Road, NW1 8AJ, London. T: 0207267 2678.

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