Movies: Uri The Surgical Strike, An Acceptable Loss, The Kid Who Would be King

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It’s the weird, awkward time of year when the movie distributors don’t have much to offer or they are waiting for the awards season to end to give a boost to re-release award winners.  The Golden Globes, the Critics Choice Awards, the Producer’s Guild Awards and yesterday’s Screen Actor’s Guild Awards are all behind us.

The next and final round are the Director’s Guild Awards, the BAFTAs (the 71st British Academy Film and Television Arts) February 18, and finally the 90th Oscars, Sunday February 24, 5:00 PM Pacific Time, on ABC.

Special note:  Don’t forget this year’s “Shorts” are being released this February 8 in theaters for a very limited time.  Do seek them out.  They are typically the best of the best in each category and often come from studios around the world.  The three categories include Live action Shorts, Animated Shorts and Documentary Shorts.

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Uri The Surgical Strike

Here is a fascinating film about an interesting topic executed with a world class production.  It’s an Indian production based on true events, namely the 2016 military strikes in “Pakistan Occupied Kashmir” where the Indian military conducted covert operations in retaliation to terrorist attacks in an area called Uri, India where 19 Indian soldiers were killed by Pakistani operatives.

The cast includes more than 50 actors, mostly from India.  Most deliver believable characters with few exceptions.  The production quality is world class.  That said, this movie is not rated.  Its genre is noted as an Action & Adventure, Art House & International, Mystery & Suspense.

Unfortunately we do not think this film is appropriate for children, there is just too much violence and adult subject matter for younger folks.  The run time is a long 2 hours and 7 minutes but it is well worth the investment of time.  Hindi with English subtitles.


An Acceptable Loss

Where to begin?!  First, let us say we liked this film more than we expected we would.  The story was a bit confusing and the several disconnects that left the viewers bewildered was a hurdle more than once.  That said, by the end of the movie most of the loose ends came together for closure.

Jamie Lee Curtis is stunning as the Vice President.  Tika Sumpter is exceptional as Dr. Elizabeth Lamm, a former National Security Advisor.  Ben Tavassoli delivers a performance beyond his years as the roommate activist.  The entire cast totals over 60 actors.

Audiences and critics were not kind to this movie.  While it was less than perfect, it was well done for the most part.  Interesting characters, lots of twists and turns, political intrigue and suspense.

It is rated R for language and brief sexuality.  It’s not suitable for children. It’s listed as a Drama & Suspense with a run time of 102 minutes.


The Kid Who Would be King

This is a charming film about a handful of modern day misfit kids and their experience reliving a King Arthur story from the middle ages.  While occasionally a bit awkward, the story unfolds gracefully and gradually until it gains momentum and purpose.

There is a hefty cast.  Rebecca Furguson plays a great Morgana.  Patrick Stewart is perfect as the adult Merlin. Angus Imire is excellent as the young Merlin.  The most notable students include Louis Ashbourne, Tom Taylor, Rhianna Dorris, and Dean Chaumoo.  Scores of extras round out the students and towns people.

Ultimately, this is a fun family film with a modern twist.  It doesn’t take itself too seriously.  It’s rated PG for fantasy action violence, some scary images, thematic elements including some bullying, and language.  This may not be suitable for young children.

The film is listed as Action & Adventure, Kids & Family, Science Fiction & Fantasy.  The run time is 2 hours.


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