Movies: Little Woods, High Life, Nureyev

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Little Woods

Little Woods, North Dakota is a fracking boom town. This is a gritty film about the opioid crisis, survival, drug dealing, unplanned pregnancy, and sisters struggling to make ends meet.

The film is written and directed by award winning director Nia DaCosta. Be advised, this film is not always easy to watch but if you are up for a great story with great performances, then seek this one out.

It’s appropriately rated R for language and drug material. It is listed as a Drama. It is NOT appropriate for children. The run time is 103 minutes.


High Life

Where to start! First…many prominent critics are raving about this film as “poetic”, “rewarding” and “challenging”. We disagree and choose “gritty”, “pathetic” and “tedious” as better descriptions.

It’s a shame given the cast of accomplished actors including Robert Pattinson, Claire Denis and Juliette Binoche.

It’s rated R for disturbing sexual images including violent sexual assault, graphic nudity and language. Well doesn’t that sound like your average sci-fi romp?! Obviously, it is not appropriate for children. It runs a painful 110 minutes. Its genre is noted as Action & Adventure, Art House & International, Science Fiction & Fantasy.



If you have the opportunity to catch this documentary about the life of Rudolf Nureyev do not hesitate for a minute. It includes extraordinary rare footage that reveals the genius of this amazing man and legendary dancer.

It’s also a history lesson on Russia as it chronicles the events from his childhood to international stardom. The production is a ‘no holds barred’ approach to Nureyev’s professional and private life, his charisma, creativity, and thirst for life. Much of the footage has never been seen before now.

This film is not rated. The run time is 115 minutes (and worth every minute). The film seems to be in limited release in the US. That seems odd given it’s release in Italy and Denmark in 2018 and Belgium and Netherlands in 2019.


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