Girls Of The Sun, Missing Link, Red Joan

Girls Of The Sun

This film was inspired by the 2014 ISIS raid on Kurdish territory in Northern Iraq. Several Kurdish women hostages escaped their ISIS captors. These women suffered excessive abuse and vowed to kill their oppressors, knowing the jihadists’ believe a fighter killed by a women will be denied entry into heaven.

A French journalist, Mathilde, becomes embedded with the Kurdish women gathering their stories to share with the world.

While this is an intriguing look at events in recent history, it’s often painfully difficult to watch. It’s not suitable for children. The film is not rated. It’s in French, Kurdish, English and Arabic with English subtitles and has a run time of 1 hour 55 minutes.


Missing Link

This movie is a bit goofy, but it’s also charming, creative, often quite funny and the animation is top drawer. On the down side, it’s a bit too violent for its PG rating; i.e. a bar room brawl, gun fighting, death… All that said, the film is ultimately a love story.

The story is set in the 19th Century where an English explorer and an 8 foot tall Bigfoot, named Mr. Link, befriend each other.

Considering this is a children’s movie, parents with younger children should consider these references to Sex and Nudity (4), Violence & Gore (3), Profanity (2), Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking (1), Frightening and Intense Scenes (2).

This film is noted as a Fantasy/Adventure with a run time of 1 hour, 35 minutes.


Red Joan

This film is a bit unique because it tells its tale by toggling between two different points in time, the young Joan and the old Joan. It’s based on true events spanning World War II to modern times.

That said, it’s a challenge to describe. One part spy movie, one part love story. First a patriot, then a smuggler. It’s a well crafted film that shares a story well worth considering. The acting is excellent, and as always, Judi Dench is stellar.

The film is rated R for brief sexuality and nudity. It’s listed as a Drama, Mystery & Suspense with a run time of 110 minutes. We do not suggest this film for younger children.


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  1. These all sound intriguing….but I doubt they will appear around here.

    Thanks, though. I’ll experience them vicariously through you.

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