Movies: Sauvage/Wild, Ask Dr. Ruth, Long Shot


Let’s be clear right away. This is the story about mostly professional gay men who sell themselves to others as prostitutes in Strasbourg, France. It’s the product of French Director Camille Videl-Naquet and was nominated for Best Picture at the French version of the Academy Awards.

The lead character is played by the very talented Felix Maritaud, whose performance single handedly carries the entire production. It’s gut wrenching to watch and is not suitable for audiences other than mature adults.

That said, it’s beautifully filmed, with some touches of hopefulness and optimism. Overall, however, it spends entirely too much time on the underbelly. The ending is a surprise.

It’s not rated. It’s listed as a Drama. The run time is 99 minutes. French with English subtitles.


Ask Dr. Ruth

What a delightful contrast to our first film. It’s the life story of Dr. Ruth Westheimer, from her painful childhood being separated from her parents, to her surviving the Holocaust, to her rise to fame as America’s sex therapist.

Now in her 90’s, still standing only 4 feet 7 inches, she is a spitfire. Her mind and spirit radiate uplifting energy through her thick German accent. Her contributions to the world transcend her 44 year career on television, radio, lectures and public appearances.

This film is also not rated. It’s listed as a Documentary with a run time of 100 minutes. We feel this film is suitable for audiences of mature children and above.


Long Shot

This new release is both familiar and unique. Familiar because it’s a familiar “Rom-com” format and unique because it is close enough to real politics to remind us of a variety of current events.

The acting is quite impressive. The plot is as believable as our current political events. Unlike our political events, the film does not take itself seriously. Consider this film one part heartwarming, one part satire, one part political quagmire and one part comedic fantasy.

This film is rated R for strong sexual content, language throughout and some drug use. It’s listed as a Comedy running 115 minutes. We do not think it is appropriate for children.


Hello all! We will be in Ireland for the next three weeks with limited access to movies. We’ll be back in early June. Until then, we wish you all much happiness and good health. J&J

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  1. I hope you have only the green hills of spring, and not too much rain. Have fun. As usual, I shall follow your adventures with envy.

  2. Off on a trot again! Lucky You! Please send emails and pix of Irish adventures. Be safe. Love, Nanci

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