Movies: Child’s Play, Stuber, Crawl

Child’s Play

The biggest realization today was we have seen every movie currently in release in the greater Milwaukee Metropolitan Area! Unless something new is released in the next month we will seek other activities to entertain ourselves!

Child’s Play was a remake about a killer doll named “Buddi”. The good news is there is a lot less violence than the “Chucky” series. The bad news is the visuals are graphic, quite gory and expansive. There is an injection of humor here and there in an attempt to soften the gore. Unfortunately we cannot recommend this film for younger viewers.



Far from rocket science or brain surgery, Stuber is a buddy comedy where the two men could not be more different from each other. The biggest surprise wasn’t the stereotypical characters. It was how hilarious the screenplay was from beginning to end.

The unseemly pairing of the lead characters speaks volumes about current society in a way that is palatable to a broad spectrum of audiences. Brain and brawn blend together with layers of social commentary. It was better than we expected.



We are at that point in the summer movie season when new releases, well, are less than prolific. Hence: Crawl. On the upside, it’s suspense filled, occasionally intense, and one critic noted it has “plot conveniences”, which is a new description for us.

There is a big overarching flaw in the film. The consistent references to alligators in lieu of the massive and gravely powerful crocodiles.


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