Movies: Annabelle Comes Home, Midsommar, Spider-Man: Far From Home

Annabelle Comes Home

Annabelle has been around a while with her evil spirits and hurtful shenanigans. This time she is locked in a glass case with a warning “Absolutely Do Not Open”.

It’s your guess if anybody payed attention to that warning… That said, this is classic horror film done well! We resisted the temptation to stonewall this film but having run out of local inventory, we acquiesced.



This is quite a unique movie set in a remote Swedish village. One part family tragedy, one part summer affair, one part summer festival, and one part pagan cult. How does that sound for a summer holiday?!

That said, it is innovative. Above average acting and action. It gets pretty intense and should not be viewed by children. The visuals are impressive.


Spider-Man: Far From Home

Often funny, action packed and entertaining with a touch of angst. It’s respectful of its Iron Man roots including mayhem and destruction, albeit in a playful way.

The energy in this film drives the story along with ease. There is a bit of teasing, the action scenes are clever and unique. It’s marginally okay for younger children. Overall, it’s a great transition from the last sequel Endgame.


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