Movies: Yesterday, The Secret Life of Pets 2, Article 15


This is a unique story where Jack, a young singer/songwriter in England, discovers the Beatles never existed. Jack decides to perform the Beatles music to his new audiences. Good acting and fresh concept.

This film is fun, unique, clever, and surprising. Kudos from J&J. This one is appropriate for all audiences!


The Secret Life of Pets 2

Witty, clever, charming and often hilarious. It’s a fun watch for viewers of all ages. It’s not perfect but much of the material is fresh and you might find yourself chuckling spontaneously from time to time just for giggles.


Article 15

For something serious, seek out this film from India. It’s a crime drama just released about a gang rape and murder that occurred in a rural area in India in 2014.

It’s already raking in awards in London’s Indian Film Festival. It’s mostly based on the ongoing socio-policical situation where discrimination is rampant, related to gender, race and caste. The police struggle to find solutions, acceptance and change.

It’s not always easy to watch but it is a rare opportunity to see history in the making for one of the most populated counties in the world. Hindi with English subtitles.


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