Movies: Toy Story 4, Anna, Shaft

Toy Story 4

Toy Story 4 raises the bar for all previous releases in the franchise. New themes, clear and vivid animation, and many of the original characters. That said, some critics felt this rendition departed too far off the known track. We respectfully disagree. In our sold out viewing, it was clear to us the young viewers understood very clearly what they were seeing on the screen.

Special note: Don’t miss the ending credits. There are several surprise segments you will not want to miss. Enjoy!



Remember “Spy vs. Spy” comics?! Well, “fasten your seat belts” and prepare to meet Anna, with the skill, allure, and cunning to confront East and West espionage concurrently.

This is one of the most engaging films of the season. It’s not suitable for young children but it is a suspenseful whopper for us adults. Fun, intriguing and full of surprises. Helen Mirren’s performance alone is worth the price of admission.



First…it’s entertaining, occasionally funny, often a bit crude, but packed with action. It’s appropriately and unapologetically focused on urban black culture of today. Overall, we enjoyed it!

This film is on the border line concerning attendance by children. We do not think it’s appropriate, especially for young children. It’s pretty clear this film was intended for older children and adults.


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