Movies: The White Crow, The Serengeti Rules

The White Crow

Reviews are all over the board on this one, mostly not so good. We enjoyed it. To be clear, this is a biopic about Rudolf Nureyev. If you are a history buff, we will leave it for your discovery.

We found it believable and loaded with twists and turns you would expect from a suspense novel. The acting is passable to good but the theme is intriguing and satisfying. Russian with English subtitles.


The Serengeti Rules

This film is based on research, specifically the environment, from the 1960s to now. The focus is “what were the causes of climate change in recent history and what is and should happen to mitigate that damage/change”.

The film spans studies from the Arctic to the Pacific tide pools, from the Serengeti to the Amazon, from otters to sea urchins and more. Anyone interested in the current status of the environment will find this film worth while.


Special Note:  This is a mini post of a couple films we managed to squeeze in this week.

We will be traveling to visit family and friends in the Midwest over the next six weeks.  We will continue to post movie reviews and travel photos as time permits.

We send our best wishes to you all!


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