Movies: Late Night, The Dead Don’t Die, The Spy Behind Home Plate

Late Night

This is an odd film about a late night television host and her drive to stay at the top of the ratings. Her all male staff of writers have been ‘stuck in a rut’ for a very long time enjoying big salaries and a lax work environment. Enter Molly! The only woman among the writers.

On the upside, the acting is quite good. The screenplay is equally good. Much of the story is based on true events and first hand experiences.


The Dead Don’t Die

One part goofy. One part mildly funny. One part gross. Completely strange. Somewhat unsettling. Bitter, cynical and abrasive, yup! Deadpan…how appropriate! It’s also clever, unique and more than a bit morbid.

All that said, the character performance by Tilda Swinton is a hoot and alone a reason to see this film if you are so inclined.


The Spy Behind Home Plate

This film is focused on the remarkable life of Morris (Moe) Berg, Major League baseball player, lawyer, spy, and a would be assassin who spoke a dozen languages and wowed audiences on numerous quiz shows.

This movie will appeal to sports fans, history buffs and WWII followers. It’s concurrently interesting and fast paced. We found it fascinating and entertaining.


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  1. The”Spy….” sounds interesting. I haven ‘t seen it around here so far.

    Where arfe you NOW?


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