Movies: Men in Black: International, American Woman, Papi Chulo

Men in Black: International

It’s always somewhat amusing when the film industry launches a new rendition of an existing franchise, in this case “international”. What does that mean anyway?! The first three releases were about aliens on earth to cause havoc and such.

Oh, the big twist here is the newest MIB agent is a….wait for it, woman! Gasp! How’s that for innovation!?

Grumbling aside, it is a fun movie with some new ideas and unique action scenes. It might be a bit intense for younger children.


American Woman

It’s an odd title. It’s set in rural Pennsylvania when a younger woman’s daughter goes missing. The grandmother is now left to raise the child.

The acting is powerful and believable, but sometimes difficult to watch. It’s ultimately rewarding.

We were not planning to see this film but changed our minds at the last minute. We were glad we did.


Papi Chulo

Where to start! The reviews for this film are all over the board. “A buddy comedy” NO! A “cross cultural bromance” Absurd!

It’s the story about Sean, a young gay weather forecaster in Los Angeles who struggles with the loss of his life partner. On the verge of a mental meltdown his employer compels Sean to ‘take a couple of weeks to get his life together’.

Sean decides to focus on some household repairs that result in hiring a day laborer, “Papi”. While Papi (Ernesto) welcomes the daily income, Sean welcomes the distraction of any companionship.

Ultimately, it is a story about healing and renewal. Agreed, it’s not perfect, but it’s more believable than a lot of the recent releases.


One thought on “Movies: Men in Black: International, American Woman, Papi Chulo”

  1. Glad to hear you enjoyed Papi Chulo. Were there any subtitles? I always like Matt Bomer from his TV series and, albeit only glimpses, of him in The Boys in the Band on Broadway.

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