Movies: Lion King, The Art of Self-Defense

Lion King

This film is virtually the same as the original in most respects. That said, don’t be deterred from seeing it.

The most important reason to see this film is the updated/upgraded animation. It is so good you’ll be challenged to distinguish live action from digitally created. It is nothing short of amazing and totally advances the audience experience.

It’s worth the few extra dollars for a premium screening. We saw it on an “Ultra” screen. It’s also available in Dolby and IMAX formats.


The Art of Self-Defense

If you are in the mood for a weird, dry, confusing film with bewildering characters who incrementally become more bizarre, then this is your film!

If not for the performance by Jesse Eisenberg this review would end here. Fortunately, his character evolves into quite the tough masculine realist.

We cannot recommend this film for children.


Movie 3 None

Note: Unfortunately there are no new films being released in the Milwaukee market area. We will spend our last couple weeks exploring more of the museums and other cultural points of interests. We will post as time allows. We send wishes of good health and happiness to you all. J&J

3 thoughts on “Movies: Lion King, The Art of Self-Defense”

  1. Encouraging review of The Lion King. I haven’t been impressed with the trailers, but it sounds from your review like there’s a lot more to it.


  2. I’m looking forward to your review of “The Farewell” with Awkwafina. I don’t think you’ve seen it yet?? I’m glad you liked the Lion King!!

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