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First! A BIG hello to all our friends, family and fellow travelers! We’ve been in Wisconsin almost five weeks now. It’s been a very HOT and HUMID summer for the most part. It’s something we are not used to. When there is rain, it is torrential. Massive amounts of rain for hours at a time.

This year we experienced several tornado warnings. Something else we are not used to. The good news is there were only two that were a threat to us. We lost power twice, once for only a few hours and once for almost 14 hours. If you are not accustomed to these events, it can be both daunting and terrifying.

On the upside, watching the cycles of crops in the massive farms are intriguing. Corn from sprouts to over your head. You can almost see it grow. Wheat, soybeans, alfalfa, potatoes and a dozen other crops flourish in the rich soil and abundant rainfall. And let’s not forget Wisconsin is America’s Dairyland!

We’ve been busy with family commitments with almost no time for touring and travel to nearby attractions. No worries, we will make up for it with a fall trip to Europe. We have two weeks booked at an apartment in Paris, a tour from Prague to Budapest. And finally a visit with friends in Switzerland. Overall it should be a blast.

In the mean time, here are some photos we thought might interest you. We send our best wishes to all. Thanks for all your support and ideas.

We send virtual hugs and kisses to all!


Assorted pics from this summer.

Niece Bri and Uncle Jim ready for a boat ride.

Gracie is ready to celebrate the 4th!

Jim and Jen on board.
Our favorite sunrise!
The perfect day.
Our favorite sunset!
Time to relax!
John’s parents, Howard and Kay
Aunt Jen and Niece Brianna
Lily and Lucy, good friends
John and Mom
William and the company conquer the puzzle.
Sheboygan waterfront

9 thoughts on “Travel: Family, Flora and Fauna…”

  1. Feels like I’m almost there! Despite the weather, it’s spectacular. Are there a lot of bugs? We never see a mosquito in our neighborhood in Oakland, CA so I forget how pesky they can be.

  2. Five weeks already? It seems you just left SF. The pics are great. The sunrises and sunsets spectacular! Your European trip will certainly be a blast. What can be wrong with Paris, Prague and Budapest, and then a visit with friends in Switzerland? You guys know how to plan wonderful things!

    Safe trip back to SF.


    1. Tom and I are taking a river cruise from Budapest to Prague in early October. Is your tour a river cruise? Prior to our cruise we are spending a few days in Switzerland!

  3. Nice post. Looks like a fun family summer. The weather is quite different from our SF summers of dry and 65. Enjoy the rest of your trip. See you soon.

  4. Happy to finally hear from you two. Thought you might have forgotten about all your email fans. Love seeing the photos of your amazing family. Have The Wisconsin farmers started turning fields into Hemp crops? Understand that is the new wave. Know you always have a fabulous time wherever you are so ENJOY. Love you guys. Cheers, Nanci

  5. Jim must have completed the info about the tornado warnings. When I lived back there I totally enjoyed watching the storm coming, then running to the basement for cover just incase it hit too close!!! I do miss those sun rises and sun sets!!!!!!! Beautiful photos. Love you both. 🙂 Did you get up to see brother John???? He said you had a visit scheduled.

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