Movies: Wild Rose, Once Upon A Time…in Hollywood

Movie 1: Wild Rose

A young Scottish woman wants to be a country singer in Nashville. While she has the drive and talent, she is a young mother with a young child and practically no resources to pursue her dream.

It’s a bit confusing, sometimes baffling, but ultimately enjoyable with a unique peek from a different point of view. It’s one part reckless, one part inspiring, and mostly satisfying. It’s worth seeking out.

Note: The heavy Scottish accents are a bit difficult to understand at times. Subtitles would have helped.


Movie 2: Once Upon A Time…in Hollywood

It’s Quentin Tarantino’s ninth Hollywood film, this one set in 1969 during Hollywood’s “Golden Age”.

It’s a reminder of what the film industry was like. More like the wild West with rapid change, expanding wealth, radically shifting social paradigms except this one is set in the Hollywood Hills.

There is a lot to like in this film. A romp through times past. It’s a reminder of how quickly times evolve and how bizarre reality can be under the right circumstances. Don’t miss this one!


3 thoughts on “Movies: Wild Rose, Once Upon A Time…in Hollywood”

  1. Only two movies? You guys need to get back to San Francisco where many, many movies await your expert review.

    (See you soon.)

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