Movies: The Kitchen, The Nightingale, Them That Follow

Movie 1: The Kitchen

My my my…the critics did NOT like this movie! Perhaps a bit to violent…or perhaps too racist, sexist, shocking, unnerving. It’s a shame because the acting is excellent. The story line is…let’s say uncomfortable. Nonetheless, McCarthy, Haddish and Moss transform themselves into impressive characters. Our favorite tagline from a critic…”The Kitchen needs a remodel.” Wish we had thought of that!


Movie 2: The Nightingale

This is the second film by Jennifer Kent. This one is more than a bit grittier. Frankly it is a lot grittier, violent and brutal on so many levels.

While difficult to watch, it’s still a story that should be told and is deserving of an audience. It’s based on real history of 1825 Australia when British troops controlled the land with a heavy hand. Gaelic, Aboriginal, English with English subtitles.


Movie 3: Them That Follow

A preacher of a Pentecostal congregation in deep Appalachia, with the support of its congregation, believe in atonement of sin by potential dead-dealing snakes. Yup!! We are ‘off the grid on this one!’

The acting is good, the story unique. That said, it was incredibly difficult to watch. Frankly, it’s a bit of a let down.


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  1. I really appreciate your reviews on these three. They saved me a lot of time, if you catch my meaning.

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