Movies: The Kitchen, The Nightingale, Them That Follow

Movie 1: The Kitchen

My my my…the critics did NOT like this movie! Perhaps a bit to violent…or perhaps too racist, sexist, shocking, unnerving. It’s a shame because the acting is excellent. The story line is…let’s say uncomfortable. Nonetheless, McCarthy, Haddish and Moss transform themselves into impressive characters. Our favorite tagline from a critic…”The Kitchen needs a remodel.” Wish we had thought of that!



The Kitchen (August 8, 2019)

Release Date: August 8, 2019
Starring: Melissa McCarthy, Tiffany Haddish, Elisabeth Moss, Domhnall Gleeson
Genres: Crime, Drama, Action
Runtime: 104 min
Original Title: The Kitchen
Original Film Language: English
Production Companies: New Line Cinema, Bron Studios, DC Comics, Michael De Luca Productions
An Irish mob story set in 1970s Hell's Kitchen. After the mobsters are sentenced to jail, their wives take their place — and do as good of a job, if not better.

Cast The Kitchen

  • Melissa McCarthy
  • Role: Kathy
  • Tiffany Haddish
  • Role: Ruby O'Carroll
  • Elisabeth Moss
  • Role: Claire Walsh
  • Domhnall Gleeson
  • Role: Gabriel O'Malley
  • Common
  • Role: Gary Silver
  • Margo Martindale
  • Role: Helen O'Carroll
  • Bill Camp
  • Role: Alfonso Coretti
  • Brian d'Arcy James
  • Role: Jimmy Brennan
  • James Badge Dale
  • Role: Kevin O'Carroll
  • Alicia Coppola
  • Role: Maria Coretti
  • Jeremy Bobb
  • Role: Rob Walsh
  • Stephen Singer
  • Role: Herb Kanfer
  • Wayne Duvall
  • Role: Larry
  • Pamela Dunlap
  • Role: Mary
  • Annabella Sciorra
  • Role: Maria Coretti
  • Will Swenson
  • Role: Michael Mariano
  • John Sharian
  • Role: Duffy
  • Brian Tarantina
  • Role: Burns
  • Myk Watford
  • Role: Little Jackie Quinn
  • E.J. Bonilla
  • Role: Gonzalo Martinez
  • Bernie McInerney
  • Role: Paul Hogan
  • Sharon Washington
  • Role: Estelle
  • Matthew Helms
  • Role: Colin
  • Angus O'Brien
  • Role: Mark Williams
  • Ciarán O'Reilly
  • Role: Owen Gibson
  • Nicholas Zoto
  • Role: Peter Brennan
  • Maren Heary
  • Role: Jennifer Brennan
  • Tatienne Hendricks-Tellefsen
  • Role: Rachel Kanfer
  • Jordan Gelber
  • Role: Chaim
  • Brandon Uranowitz
  • Role: Shmuli Chudakoff
  • Susan Blommaert
  • Role: Mrs. Sullivan
  • George Riddle
  • Role: Mr. Sullivan

Crew The Kitchen

  • Andrea Berloff
  • Director
  • Andrea Berloff
  • Writer
  • Ollie Masters
  • Novel
  • Michael De Luca
  • Producer
  • Maryse Alberti
  • Director of Photography
  • Christopher Tellefsen
  • Editor
  • Shane Valentino
  • Production Design
  • Marcus Viscidi
  • Producer
  • Sarah Edwards
  • Costume Design
  • Richard Brener
  • Executive Producer
  • Jason Cloth
  • Executive Producer
  • Michael Disco
  • Executive Producer
  • Dave Neustadter
  • Executive Producer
  • Aaron L. Gilbert
  • Executive Producer
  • Elishia Holmes
  • Executive Producer
  • Adam Schlagman
  • Executive Producer
  • Bryce Dessner
  • Original Music Composer
  • Ernesto Solo
  • Art Direction
  • Ming Doyle
  • Novel
  • Drew Jiritano
  • Special Effects Coordinator
  • Andrew Mortelliti
  • Special Effects

Movie 2: The Nightingale

This is the second film by Jennifer Kent. This one is more than a bit grittier. Frankly it is a lot grittier, violent and brutal on so many levels.

While difficult to watch, it’s still a story that should be told and is deserving of an audience. It’s based on real history of 1825 Australia when British troops controlled the land with a heavy hand. Gaelic, Aboriginal, English with English subtitles.



The Nightingale (August 2, 2019)

Release Date: August 2, 2019
Starring: Aisling Franciosi, Sam Claflin, Damon Herriman, Ewen Leslie
Genres: Drama, Adventure, Thriller
Runtime: 136 min
Original Title: The Nightingale
Original Film Language: English
Production Companies: Bron Studios, Causeway Films
In 1825, Claire, a 21-year-old Irish convict, chases a British soldier through the rugged Tasmanian wilderness, bent on revenge for a terrible act of violence he committed against her family. She enlists the services of an Aboriginal tracker named Billy, who is also marked by trauma from his own violence-filled past.

Cast The Nightingale

  • Aisling Franciosi
  • Role: Clare
  • Sam Claflin
  • Role: Hawkins
  • Damon Herriman
  • Role: Ruse
  • Ewen Leslie
  • Role: Goodwin
  • Harry Greenwood
  • Role: Jago
  • Baykali Ganambarr
  • Role: Billy
  • Magnolia Maymuru
  • Role: Lowanna
  • Charlie Shotwell
  • Role: Eddie
  • Nathaniel Dean
  • Role: Stoakes
  • Sam Smith
  • Role: Sheep Farmer
  • Michael Sheasby
  • Role: Aidan
  • Matthew Sunderland
  • Role: Davey
  • Ben McIvor
  • Role: Dull Convict
  • Luke Carroll
  • Role: Archie
  • Claire Jones
  • Role: Harriet

Crew The Nightingale

  • Jennifer Kent
  • Director
  • Jennifer Kent
  • Writer
  • Jed Kurzel
  • Original Music Composer
  • Radek Ładczuk
  • Director of Photography
  • Simon Njoo
  • Editor
  • Nikki Barrett
  • Casting
  • Sophie Nash
  • Art Direction
  • Christian Petersen
  • Set Decoration
  • Margot Wilson
  • Costume Design
  • Eucla Davies
  • Special Effects
  • Tim Riach
  • Special Effects
  • Genevieve Bevan-John
  • Pyrotechnician
  • Kristina Ceyton
  • Producer
  • Steve Hutensky
  • Producer
  • Jennifer Kent
  • Producer
  • Bruna Papandrea
  • Producer
  • Alex Holmes
  • Production Design

Movie 3: Them That Follow

A preacher of a Pentecostal congregation in deep Appalachia, with the support of its congregation, believe in atonement of sin by potential dead-dealing snakes. Yup!! We are ‘off the grid on this one!’

The acting is good, the story unique. That said, it was incredibly difficult to watch. Frankly, it’s a bit of a let down.



Them That Follow (August 2, 2019)

Release Date: August 2, 2019
Starring: Alice Englert, Walton Goggins, Thomas Mann, Olivia Colman
Genres: Horror, Drama
Runtime: 98 min
Original Title: Them That Follow
Original Film Language: English
Production Companies: Amasia Entertainment, G-BASE
A Pentecostal pastor, Lemuel Childs, and his believers handle venomous snakes to prove themselves before God. Lemuel’s daughter, Mara holds a secret that threatens to tear the church apart: her romantic past with a nonbeliever, Augie. As Mara’s wedding to a devoted follower looms, she must decide whether or not to trust the steely matriarch of their community, Hope, with her heart and life at stake.

Cast Them That Follow

  • Alice Englert
  • Role: Mara Childs
  • Walton Goggins
  • Role: Lemuel Childs
  • Thomas Mann
  • Role: Augie
  • Olivia Colman
  • Role: Hope
  • Kaitlyn Dever
  • Role: Dilly
  • Jim Gaffigan
  • Role: Zeke
  • Lewis Pullman
  • Role: Garret
  • Annie Tedesco
  • Role: Connie Ray
  • Brooks Roseberry
  • Role: Jed
  • Katherine DeBoer
  • Role: Bridgette

Crew Them That Follow

  • Britt Poulton
  • Director
  • Daniel Savage
  • Director

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