Movies: The Art of Racing in the Rain, Honeyland, Tel Aviv on Fire

Movie 1: The Art of Racing in the Rain

This film is based on the best selling novel by the same name. It’s as good or better than similar films of recent years mainly because the script is honest and faithful to its story line.

Its critics offer resentment to “gimmicks and weepy cliches” but if you focus on the family drama and the core story without the distractions, you might discover a heartwarming and tender underbelly.


Movie 2: Honeyland

This unusual movie is based in Macedonia (part of the former Yugoslavia) where beekeeping is an important part of rural life, both as a food source and a revenue.

This documentary film captures the importance and difficulty of everyday life in a remote corner of the world and has received numerous awards for cinematography and originality. It is well worth seeking out. Macedonian with English subtitles.


Movie 3: Tel Aviv on Fire

The story line highlights the absurdity of the Israel/Palestine reality in Jerusalem and beyond. In this film the production crew for a popular Palestinian soap opera is forced to alter the script to avoid conflict. It’s interesting at first but ultimately dissolves into political satire. Hebrew and Arabic with English subtitles.


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  1. Would be interested in seeing the bee documentary. As for “bee” movies, I hope to re-watch Ulee’s Gold to see Peter Fonda one more time.

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