Travel: Prague 2

Greetings to all from the Czech Republic!

It’s been a couple of very busy and cold/wet days exploring Prague.  Nonetheless, Prague has rewarded us with gorgeous architecture beautiful monuments and delicious food.

Here are some of our favorite photos to date.  Our hotel room is on the 6th floor.  It’s high enough to yield some interesting shots above many of the rooftops.  Some are interesting, others a chuckle.  Enjoy!

What’s a guy gotta do around here to get a bite to eat!
Honey…Did you feed the cat today?
Er…no I thought it was your turn to feed it!
A pair of turrets from a distant church.
A lone clock tower on the skyline.
A little of this, a dash of that, mix together and viola!

6 thoughts on “Travel: Prague 2”

  1. One of my favorite outdoor sculptures in Prague is in or near a big park and it is a series of individual sculptures depicting the body, each time with parts missing. It has something to do with the ravages of war, I think (it has been a long time since I’ve been there) and it is strong, poignant, and very sad. Thought provoking, certainly.

  2. I like the two construction cranes in the last photo of the classic towers and turrets. Life goes on . . .

  3. John Boy,
    Happy belated birthday. I am sure you had a marvelous celebration in “Czech territory.”
    Sorry to be a day late.
    Your favorite cuz. 🎂

  4. Especially like the variety in the last pic. Saved them all! Do hope I have your permission to paint your photos. Wouldn’t want to be a bad girl.

  5. Jim and John, Suzy sent us your Prague post. We are in Prague, day 3 of our visit begins this morning. Yesterday went to the castle and caught the clock’s 3o’clock show. Wish we could have met for a beer! Diana and Ron

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