Travel: Prague 1

Greetings from Prague, Czech Republic!

It was an interesting travel day yesterday.  We had an early wake up call and a 9 a.m. Uber pickup from the apartment.  SURPRISE!  Our street was closed due to street repaving.  We left the apartment early to see if our Uber pickup was in sight.  Long story short, Uber canceled our order.  Surprisingly a local taxi was both faster and cheaper…

We had a pleasant Air France flight from Paris to Prague in 1 hour, 20 minutes.  The big surprise arriving in Prague was the cab ride to the city center took longer than the flight due to massive traffic.

This morning we took a quick walk around the old town city center.  Here are some of our photos.

Within the next few hours we will check into our new hotel and meet the rest of our travel companions for the next two weeks.

One of many churches in the city center.
Peek-a-boo view of the spires from our hotel.
City Center
Concert Hall

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