Travel: Bratislava, Slovakia

Yesterday was spent exploring the capital city Bratislava, both old and new.  The old area is compact, with many embassies, historic and cultural sights.
The newer areas are filled with Soviet style apartment blocks.

There is a massive modern shopping complex along the Danube River where we discovered a state of the art cinema complex where we saw the film Joker. (More on that later…)

The view from our hotel room overlooking the Danube River. Note the Soviet built bridge with restaurant in the tower.
The Opera House
Bratislava Castle overlooking the City.
The last surviving city gate into the old quarter.

3 thoughts on “Travel: Bratislava, Slovakia”

  1. Excellent peak into old city of Bratislava. We look forward to what your guides told you about this part of the country once part of the now Czech Republic.

    1. I have thoroughly enjoyed your trip to Chezloviaia. It is on my bucket list and hope I can get to some of the places you have traveled. Are you on a tour for even part of this amazing trip?

  2. I remember the stark contrast between the old city architecture and the Soviet built housing that you could see from the castle.

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