Travel: Carnuntum, Austria and Gyor, Hungary

As we drove from Bratislava to Budapest we stopped at the Roman city of Carnuntum and later for lunch in the ancient city of Gyor.

Sample of an ancient Roman floor at extensive ruins in the countryside.
An original Roman Street in good shape.
Two rows of foundations that were individual houses. Doorways and remnants of mosaic flooring are often intact.
This marble water fountain serves water to visitors.
A beautifully restored Roman bath.
Artifacts are scattered on the extensive grounds. There’s an impressive museum on the site.
This was once a four sided Roman monument at the entrance of the site.

Gyor, Hungary is a baroque and neoclassical City.

A charming city on the way to Budapest.
A lovely moat and medieval walls protected the City.
The Basilica of the Assumption is spectacular.
This huge Ferris wheel is a popular attraction.

5 thoughts on “Travel: Carnuntum, Austria and Gyor, Hungary”

  1. Carnuntum: Wow! Amazing road, marble floor, all surviving from ancient time! What a great collection of pictures!

  2. I have never heard of either of these places before. Thanks for the enlightenment with such fabulous photos.

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