Travel: Budapest by night

Last night we took a 90 minute cruise up and down the Danube.  It’s a popular way to see Budapest’s city lights.  Here are a few of our favorites.

Parliament Square
Chain Bridge and the Royal Palace.
The Danube at night from a nearby hilltop.
Palace view from the Danube.

10 thoughts on “Travel: Budapest by night”

  1. How’s the weather? We were supposed to be there now on the river cruise from Budapest to Bucharest but they canceled the trip one day before leaving because the boat was broken. Thanks all the great photos–need more pics of the food so I can see what we are missing. Huggs and Kisses. Ken and Barb

    1. Ken, Barb, So good to hear from you. Weather has been very good Some rain in Paris and a drizzle or two but overall, excellent. We’re so sorry to hear your river cruise was canceled. What a bummer! Thanks for keeping in touch, J&J

  2. Your photos are fabulous. When I was on the river a year ago, the water level was so low that we couldn’t sail into Budapest so missed out not only on time spent in the city, but also the views that you have shared. Your photos are so good I don’t have to go back! There is a small rectangular monument honoring the October ber 1956 uprising. I had just arrived in Berlin as it was happening and Berlin and Vienna were the two most important American posts in Europe at that moment, so we were on 24 hour call. This monument is in front of one of the big administrative buildings, not far from the very, very sad sculpture of the shoes of the murdered Jews by the banks of the river.

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