Travel: Lucerne, Switzerland

Yesterday was a long travel day.  An early morning wake up call, followed by an hour ride to the Budapest airport.  It was a pleasant 1-1/2 hour flight to Zurich, Switzerland.  And then a one hour train ride brought us to Lucerne and a visit with long time friends.

The afternoon included a wonderful lake boat ride followed by a delightful dinner.  All and all a long, but fun, day.

A few neighbors overlooking the lake.
Farms and villages along the shore.
A bucolic setting.
Lucerne city center.
Harbor view from our boat.
Lake view of the nearby Alps.
Sailboat harbor and the Alps.

5 thoughts on “Travel: Lucerne, Switzerland”

  1. Lucerne looks fabulous! I’ve never been to Switzerland other than a transfer at the airport. It’s unbelievably green. Very beautiful.

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