Travel: Lucerne, Switzerland 2

Today was another day to explore the charming and diverse city of Lucerne.  It’s a compact city on a series of lakes with a walkable old town with lots of restaurants and seemingly endless activities.

We started our morning at the local Farmers Market, followed by a visit to an exceptional museum featuring Picasso, Paul Klee and several impressionists.  (We unexpectedly ran into the owner of the Rosengart collection and museum whose portraits by Picasso hang in the museum.)  We are sorry, photography was not permitted.

Chapel Bridge considered to be Europe’s oldest covered bridge from the 14th century with a water tower behind.
View across the river.
Alpenhorns greeted us to the farmers market.
Charming fountain near the cathedral.
Numerous painted buildings some dating back centuries.
Alter in the local cathedral.
Evening on the lake.

7 thoughts on “Travel: Lucerne, Switzerland 2”

  1. How special to have met the owner of Rosengart collection and museum. Serendipity at it’s best! Great photos too

  2. Tom and I were there a few weeks ago. Also did a Danube River Cruise and hit Budapest to Deggendorf. Then we spent a few days in Prague. Wish we would have been there at the same time❣️

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