Travel: Lucerne, Switzerland 3

Today was our last day in Lucerne.  We spent most of the day with our long time friends who live here.  This morning’s weather included heavy overcast so we decided to stay close to home and explore nearby areas.

We decided to explore some of the city’s old fortified walls dating back centuries. Next was a leisurely traditional lunch at a local restaurant and another city walk before saying bon voyage.  Tomorrow it’s back to Paris.

The Holiday season starts early at the Globus Department Store.
Another cheerful window.
The trees are changing quickly now.
More lovely fall color.
Afternoon light over the old town.
The old city walls date back centuries.


4 thoughts on “Travel: Lucerne, Switzerland 3”

  1. You have made e verything look beautiful, even on overcast days! The holiday decorations are amazing!…. but more than two months of Christmas carols would be a bit kmuch! I’ve ne er been on one of those trips that go to the X-mas markets, but I’ve heard that they are impressive for the goods and spirit.

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